Tirpude’s Student Aptitude Test (T-SAT)

T-SAT is a programme designed to test student aptitude from the point of view of his career prospects. This is done during the 2nd semester of MBA and is also aimed at helping student select his/her specialization subjects for semesters III and IV. Here, several tests are administered to check not only the students’ general aptitude (English, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude) but also his/her management subject aptitude and natural propensity toward any specific area(s) on management.

T-SAT is conducted in several phases and the first phase to be administered comprises of psychometric tests, including Meyers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, where various facets of the students’ personality are revealed. These tests could hint at certain specific management areas in which student could think of working later in his/her life, but this needs to be corroborated with other tests and students’ own thoughts and work plans. Second phase is the aptitude test and the third one is subject aptitude, which comprises of tests on core management subjects like marketing, finance and human resource management. The fourth and last phase is the case study, wherein students study six business cases from different specialization subjects are given and students are required to solve any two of their choice.

A career wall is developed for all three main specialization subjects – finance, marketing and human resource management. This provides details of entry level jobs available to students immediately after passing MBA, the job requirements/description for each position and also the various skills needed to perform jobs at these positions. This is a very useful aid for students to have insights in how the job market actually is.

During T-SAT, stress is given on what student has to say about his future plans and specializations to be selected rather than mentors giving sermons. The report of scores on students’ performance in all the phases conducted forms the basis of all discussions. Toward end, the faculty mentor suggests specialization subjects and also the student’s own choice is recorded.  At the end of the counselling session the student should be able to freeze his functional specialization. His/her family background, family influences and expectations are also taken into consideration during T-SAT counselling sessions. Based on how student has fared in various tests/phases of T-SAT, one of the below-mentioned improvement programme is proposed for him/her and a faculty mentor is also suggested for regular guidance:

  1. Enhancement Programme: For above average students to help them polish their skills.
  2. Action Plan: For students who opt for a specialization subject different from the one recommended.
  3. Remedial Programme: For below average students so as to develop their basic skills and abilities.


What does T-SAT stand for?

Tirpude’s Student Aptitude Test.

What is the purpose of T-SAT?

This institute is a pioneer in setting this trend which started in 2013.  The basic objective is to help the student do their own SWOT analysis and help them in selecting their specialization – to make them ‘job’ ready.

How and when is T-SAT conducted?

The process starts when the student is in the 2nd SEM of MBA. The student undergoes a series of psychometric tests followed by some subject related tests – and then an overall score sheet is made for each and every single student.

How does this process help a student in selecting their specialization?

After the student has undergone the tests – an individual file is made for the student. The student then meets a faculty member who acts as a counsellor for that single student. The counselling process includes every student of MBA SEM 2.

Do these tests have any pass or fail criteria?

No, similar to T-MAT, these tests are conducted to assess the student.

Is the student expected to finalize the specialization during counselling?

No. the student can decide it then and there itself or can borrow some time from the counsellor in finalizing the specialization.

How does T-SAT help the student in the near future?

T-SAT is a very useful tool for the students. During their SIP and final placements, this helps in giving them the best job opportunities available based on the specialization, they have selected.

Is the student allowed to change the specialization after the counselling is done?

The College allows a change in the specialization subject to the student giving a valid and a strong reason. However the student while filling the university exam form has to be careful in putting the right specialization in the form. No further changes can be made thereafter.

Snap shots of T-SAT drive