Student Support Activities

The institute takes every possible effort to enhance the learning experience of students to enhance their overall personality and prepare them to join corporate world. The additional resources required for student support activities are arranged internally and externally through our industry and social network established over the years. The areas where the development schemes are employed are briefly explained below:

Academic development:
The regular academic input is appended with extra classes, personal coaching, remedial or tutorial classes and bridge courses. These classes are arranged after the regular classes to give additional practice to students and also help students who missed classes due to genuine reasons. These remedial coaching instill confidence in students and help them prepare for examinations. The remedial classes are also arranged on student request and are arranged even on weekends and holidays.

Soft skill development:
Soft skill developmental activities are conducted throughout the year for all students mostly through events and activities. Separate sessions for soft skill development are also taken that are incorporated in the time table. These activities, events and sessions help the students to develop their overall personality, organizational and leadership skills, language skills, general awareness and aptitude. Special sessions are taken in language labs to improve English language required for students coming from vernacular background. English and communication classes are also organized by inviting guest faculties for the benefit of students.

Counseling and Guidance:
Personal and professional guidance and counseling are provided on a regular basis to the students. These counseling sessions are taken by internal faculty members on a one to one basis and also by external experts and alumni for the students. Special programs like TSAT (Tirpude’s Subject Aptitude Test), TMAT (Tirpude’s Management Aptitude Test) are organized every year that encompasses both professional and personal guidance to students.

Personal Growth and Development:
For personal well and spiritual growth of students sessions on Yoga and Meditation are organized every year for interested students.