Speech by Dr. K. Venkatesham, Commissioner of Police, Nagpur District

Immense opportunity to realize Immense potential
I am thankful for choosing to be amongst you.
2. You are the people with immense potential.
a. We were thrilled seeing functioning of Xerox machine.
b. l was first posted to Gondia in 1990. First thing I checked was whether there is STD facility to that place so that I can talk to my wife. STD was critical facility.
c. Computer I bought with govt loan in 1996 for 45000 was with 500mb Ram and 2 GB storage. We had seen super computer in such a big room.
This is now in every body’s hand. You are all bestowed with immense computing capability and communication facility.
You can make anything in to data. Data can be analyzed. This can be used for machine learning Al, robotics, IOT and what not.
On medical front you can replace all vital organs except brain. Organs can be grown from stem cells. It is expected that you will 150 years easily.
3. All the above have increased each individuals potential exponentially. So also collective potential of present generation.
For centuries India has been the spiritual leader of the world. Previously we used to revere in the India’s contribution in the discovery of zero and so on to the world . Now we are fourth largest economy in the world; giant army; World’s largest young population; you are part of G20; our voice is heard world over.
You are in changed times.
You are in exciting times.
Your challenges are more
Your opportunities are more.
Having decided to do MBA you have taken a decisive step. After this education you will be experimenting with what you learnt so far to contribute to the welfare and development of your individual potential, national wealth and pride, and in turn to the mankind.
4. Further discussion in three parts
A. Police and enlightened citizen
Example of firing followed by felicitation -fairness, credibility, rule of law, enjoying the process
B. Enlightened citizen -be a giver over taker [Fundamental duties over rights}
Climate change, excellence in everything we do etc
Water in the house, we used to laugh at the practice of taking water
C. Outer Success and inner happiness:
It is said that “there are two things to aim in life, first to get what you want {SUCCESS} and after that to enjoy it {happiness}.Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second”
5. OUTER success:
In 2012 case study in Forbes called ” How the best entrepreneurs succeed” award winning author and Forbes alumnus Paul b Brown writes, ‘while it is obvious that no one approach guarantees entrepreneurial success, it is clear from everything we have learned so far, that there is proven path that increases your odds.
As we have seen it breaks down in to the following steps. You
1. Determine or conceive what it is you really want to do
2. Take a small step towards that goal
3. Pause to see what you learned from taking that step and
4. Build off that learning
5. Take another small step
6. Pause to see what you learned from step two
7. Build off that learning
This Conceive, Build and Act. (ABC in reverse) Repeat approach is one that the most successful entrepreneurs use in creating their company.”
This said, not all entrepreneurs have identical qualities. So there is no one size fits all blue print to achieve entrepreneurial greatness. However what all successful entrepreneurs do have is the determination to succeed, a passion for what they are doing, the ability to learn from their mistakes and take failure on their way, a long term vision, and a sixth sense that signals an ongoing opportunity.
The ability to take risks is also an important tool.
6. We need to have company like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.
You are giants. Your thinking can change everything. Think big
Big you will become.
What will give you this power? What carries through adversity : PASSION Poet WILLIAM Arthur ward suggested that The key to success is to Believe while others are doubting Plan while others are playing Study while others are sleeping Decide while others are delaying Prepare while others are day dreaming Begin while others are procrastinating Work while others are wishing
Listen while others are talking
Smile while others are criticizing
Persist while others are quitting
What will you give the energy to believe, plan, study and persist? The answer is PASSION.
One can become BETTER THAN GOOD when life is experienced by living with genuine passion, striving for peak performance and fulfilling one’s God given purpose,
6. C2 inner happiness:
We are fortunate to be born in India where rich culture endows us with values to interpret things in this material world. GITA, Ramayana, mahabharatha etc give us insights to handle and do things that are moral and give happiness to you individually and to contribute to society in non harmful way. They are the biggest personality development books one can have. The Bhagvadgita is a divine song that helps unravel the beauty within you. It helps you to discover the magic potency of self governance. It enriches from you within.
Mahatma Gandhi used to listen to the second chapter of bhagwadgita everyday where Krishna spoke about sthithaprajna. This was part of satsang. I quote two shlokas from chapter 12 which guide me everyday
Adwesta sarva bhutanam ,maitre karuna evacha
Nirmamo nirahankara, sama dukha sukha ksami 13
Santusta satatam yogi yatatma druda nichaya
Mayyarpita mano buddhir yo madbhakta sa me priya 14

One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living entities,
Who does not think himself a proprietor and is free from ego Who is equal both in happiness and stress,
Who is tolerant,
Always satisfied Self controlled and
Engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and devotion on fixed on me- such a devotee of mine is very dear to me.
7. The world converges to that rare person who has emerged himself and tapped his inner resources. Such a person achieves success effortlessly. He is happy and evolves to his full potential. Without cultivating your inner resources you feel inadequate, incomplete .It is only with inner unfoldment that you experience true power. Spiritual literature , combined with REFLECTION , prayer, journaling, meditation bring you back to cognition of your true potential. You become perfect person.
8. It is surprising. When you look inside and think beyond yourself, boundless joy ananda [happiness] can be experienced. Happiness and security can never be experienced when dependent on the external- they can be achieved only internally. Studying them or getting them in day to life will keep us on highest pedal as we think and BIG. With these our outer success will have much more meaning. We will be more rooted, more ethical .We will add to the great inheritance of our culture where we see God in everything. There will not be emotional vacuum, burn out or suicidal tendencies.

9 You are not an accident
You were not mass produced You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, lovingly positioned on earth by master craftsman. I believe God wants us to dream and to dream BIG. Because he is a big GOD who wants to do big things and he want to do them through us.
10. So we have decided to conceive, build, act – everything in a BIG way. Now what are the some practical takeaways/ ideas/habits /insights. I want to leave with & of them:
1. Think beyond yourself- learn from others, be humble, act with love
2. Be strict with your precious resource, TIME
-Control on social media
-Get time for physical exercise
3. Take responsibility of your life and set high standards high- for mediocrity is first a personal trait
4. Create daily habit of self reflection-Prayer, meditation, journal writing
5. Earn good friends
6. Fall in love with learning – with more information and education, you will make better lifestyle choices.
7. Be passionate and No matter what you do create value
May you think and conceive Big’
May you build Big ideas
May your actions be meaningful.

I wish you both outer SUCCESS and inner HAPPINESS . Jai Hind!!!