Tirpude Institute believes that more the students are exposed to working of business organizations better is the learning process. In view of this, the institute arranges for numerous short term projects (STPs) for its MBA, BBA & BCCA students throughout the year. This can be best explained by way of a few Q & A mentioned below:

Q. What is STP and what is its significance?

STP stands for short term projects. These are company projects with duration ranging from 1-15 days. These projects help students in getting brief insights into practical aspects of business and develop professional approach.

Q. When can a student do STP?

As and when any project comes up, the Training and Placement cell will shortlist students from those who have registered for STP.

Q. How does a student apply?

A student needs to respond to announcements made in class for upcoming projects.

Q. What is the nature of STPs organized by different organizations?

Various STPs include surveys for different companies, promotional campaigns, mall promotions, manning stalls at various exhibitions, organizing and managing various events, activities and other sales and marketing activities.

Q. Is a student compensated for these projects?

Generally compensation/remuneration is offered by the company on ‘per day’ basis. At times, there is not remuneration but certificate of participation/appreciation is provided.

Q. Is STP a full time or a part time engagement?

These projects can be full time or part time, depending on requirement of organization providing the STP.

Q. Do students need permission from college to do STPs?

Permission is given only for those projects which are offered through the college Training & Placement cell.

Q. Who can do STP and what is the frequency of STP?

Any student from BBA, BCCA or MBA of Tirpude Institute can take part in STP. Normally, a student can do 3 or 4 STPs in an academic year.

Some organizations where students have done STP are:

  1. HDFC – Credai Expo
  2. COMPEX – Organizing committee
  3. Nagpur Smart City Project
  5. TATA Crucible
  6. Pretty Home Expo
  7. Mallika Exhibitions
  8. Radiant Brand Solutions
  9. J. Enterprises
  10. Datatronics – Dell pavilion
  11. aXYKno Capital Services
  12. Farstone India
  13. Bosch Appliances
  14. Milestone Developers
  15. Provincial Automobiles
  16. Thomas Cook – Quiz
  17. Bajaj Allianz Insurance
  18. Apex Automation

There are many more short term projects in which Tirpude students have participated.