Prof.Mahesh Joshi

Assistant Professor

Assistant Programme Coordinator – MBA

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Subject Expertise

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Cost & Management Accounting
  3. Financial Management





He has 6 years of industry experience and 8 years in Academics. Currently workingwith Tirpude Institute of Management Education since 2014 and his core area of interest include Accounting, Statistics, Financial Management and Operation Research.


He carries an industry experience of 6 years and has worked in ITES sector, where he was awarded the ‘most consistent performer’ award, twice, at Easypack Inc., where he worked previously. His subsequent experience in academics spans 8 years, during which healso worked as Asst. Professor with Dept of Business Management, CP & Berar ES College.


Currently pursuing Ph.D. research in area of Financial Managementwherein he is studying ‘Critical Appraisal of National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) with specific reference to State of Maharashtra’.


Research & Publication:


International Conferences:

  1. Presented a research paper on “Social Networking in India” at ELIXIR 2013, conducted by Dutta Meghe Institute of Management Studies, Nagpur, February 2013
  2. Presented a research paper titled “Analytical Study of Human Resource Management Practices in Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited & its Effect On Employee Satisfaction Level with Reference to Nagpur Zone”,  Conducted by Tirpude Institute of Management Education, Nagpur, ISBN: 978-93-5267-373-5, March 2017.


National Conferences:

  1. Paper titled “FDI in India – An Analysis” presented at ALEKH 2012, conducted by KDK College, Nagpur, in March 2012.
  2. Presented a paper titled “Emerging Trends in E-commerce” submitted at ALEKH 2013, conducted by KDK College, Nagpur, ISBN: 978-93-5097-174-1, February 2013.
  3. Presented a paper titled “Importance of Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability” at ‘Prabandhan’, conducted by LTIMSR, Nagpur, February 2013
  4. “A Study on Growth and Future Scope of Agro Tourism Projects in Nagpur District”, presented at ‘Innovobiz’, at GH Raisoni School of Business Management, Nagpur, ISSN: (o)2321-1709, (p)2394-4226,March