30th July, 2019

Tirpude Institute of Management Education (TIME), Central India’s leading management education institute, conducted an industry readiness exercise ‘TiRE 2019’, from 26th to 28th July. This 3-day exercise was conducted at the institute’s premises for its semester-III students and was a part of an objective to expose MBA students to actual industry practices and situations.

The exhaustive exercise started with an interesting session on ‘formal attire’, conducted by Ms. Nikita Mhaisalkar and Ms. Ashwini Bhansali, separately for girls and boys. This was followed by another session on ‘grooming’ for boys and girls by Mr. Ani Ray and Ms. Rupali Diwan, respectively. Students learnt the importance of formal attire and grooming for corporate life. Next was an interaction on ‘Group Discussion Techniques’ by Ms. Rashmi Shahu, wherein she enlightened the students on decisive aspects of participating in a group discussion. Student groups were formed for effective conduct of the entire TiRE exercise. A noteworthy feature was that the institute invited about 70 corporate managers from diverse industry sectors to conduct group discussions and personal interviews, thereby giving the students a perfect feel of quality that the industry demands from management graduates.

Day 2 witnessed interactions with Mr. Rohit Damani on ‘Searching Job Opportunities Online’ and Mr. Faiz Wahid on ‘Personal Interview Techniques’. Students were appraised on the nuances and finer aspects of influencing employers by resume, personal interviews and group discussions and Mr. Wahid also illustrated his points by citing certain anecdotes, periodically. During the first two days, every student participated in several group discussions and personal interviews conducted by invited guests from business and industry, with a view to expose students to various situations and styles of interviewing. This happens to be the most important component of the entire TiRE exercise as it concerns skills required for getting selected in industry and also tests the students on their ‘job ready’ quotient. Student-wise feedback on areas requiring improvement was also provided, in a structured format, at the end of each session by the visiting industry managers.


The closing day programme was held at Hotel Naivedyam Eastoria, where an extensive Panel Discussion was arranged among managers representing various sectors and functions of the industry. The panelists were Ms. Akshita Vyas, Employee Engagement Executive, Persistant Systems, Mr. Arnab Sarkar, Regional Channel Manager, DTDC Express Ltd., Siddharth Singh, Entrepreneur & and Mr. Wasim Qureshi, Financial Expert at CRISIL. The panelists were asked several question in this session moderated by Prof. Rohan Job and detailed responses were elicited from them. Questions posed ranged from how they chose their work domains, the responsibilities they are now carrying, how their work-days are organized, the challenges they face and their advice to the assembly of young management students who are preparing to step into corporate life. A unique session on dining etiquettes was also held, wherein students were taught proper use of cutlery and dining manners and were also made to practice these at a special lunch organized on the occasion. A wide array of continental dishes and other preparations brought excitement to students during this session conducted by Prof. Shruti Thakare, a culinary expert herself. A prize distribution ceremony was held towards the end and deserving students were awarded for their overall participation and attire during the 3-day event. Students who helped organize the event were also presented with appreciation letters. Present on the occasion were Dr. Lalit Khullar, Director, TIME, Dr. Praveen Mustoor, Chairman-Training & Placements, Dr. Yogesh Gharpure, Coordinator-PG, Prof. Carol Rao, Coordinator-BBA, Dr. Vilas Hajare, Coordinator-BCCA and other faculty members of the institute.

This 3-day event was coordinated by Prof. Prasanna Shembekar, Dr. Sridevi Jaiswal and Prof. Rohan Job.