1.1 List of Courses Offered.xlsx

1.2.Number of Self Financed Program offered by college.pdf

1.3.Number of new programme introduced in the college in 5 years

2.1 Number of Students enrolled-Yearwise.xlsx

2.2 Reservation Rules.pdf

2.3 & 2.4 Number of Final Year Students-Yearwise.xlsx

3.1 List of Teachers – Yearwise.

3.2 List of Full Time Teachers – Yearwise.pdf

3.2a Presently Working Full Time Teachers.xlsx

3.2b Full Time Teachers left or joined during five years.xlsx

3.3 Sanctioned posts.pdf

3.4 Total Experience of Full Time Teachers.pdf

3.5 PhD Supervisors.pdf

3.6 List of Full Time Teachers worked during 5 years.pdf

4.1 Classrooms.pdf

4.2 Total Expenditure Excluding Salary.pdf

4.3.2 Computer Stock Book.pdf

4.4 & 4.5 Unit Cost of Education.pdf