Music Club


Music is the heart and soul of every human being. Everybody likes music in some form or the other. Some may like classical, some may like jazz, some develop taste for folk songs, some are fond of metal or heavy metal or rock and some may be crazy for bollywood music. The bottom line is every individual likes some or the other form of music.  With more than thousand students in the campus it is imperative that we give a platform to the youngsters to show case their talents by learning and exhibiting their talents whenever the opportunity comes their way. This talent is displayed in various college events and events organized elsewhere.

The institute has decided to float a music club in the campus with the following objectives:

    1. To promote music in the college campus
    1. To provide basic infrastructure to learn music in the institute
    1. To give equal opportunities to all enrolled students to learn music
    1. To organize musical events throughout the year in the institute
    1. To arrange music tutors for students learning

Executive Body:

    1. Praveen Mustoor
    1. Carol Rao
    1. Student Representative Male (MBA)
    1. Student Representative Female (MBA)
    1. Student Representative Male (BBA/BCCA) – Abhishek Jhawar
    1. Student Representative Female (BBA/BCCA)

Note: Office term of each member is One year

Registration Procedure:

    1. The facility of music club is only available to enrolled students of the institute.
    1. The student needs to fill up a registration form for enrolling in the music club that is available with every executive body member.
    1. There is no fee for registration but fee shall be charged as per the training given by external expert for learning various musical instruments.

Every musical event shall be advertised in the website and shall be promoted in the campus from time to time