Tirpude Institute of Management Education always endeavours to encourage innovation in each sphere of students’ academic. Business education should go beyond mere introduction to general principles and beyond the acquisition of specific technical skills. It should create thought leaders with a holistic viewpoint towards business, enterprise and society.

The  events slated in Mind Quest 2016 provide a platform to the students to showcase their presentation skills and application of theoretical concepts and their ability to face the competition. With this aspect in mind, Mind Quest is designed to be a bouquet of presentation skills, creativity and analytical abilities. Mind Quest provides a platform to students for enhancing their decision making ability.

Sector Analysis

Rules of the event

Participation: A team of 3 – 4 members, Registration amount: Rs 150

  • After Registration, Participants can select any sector of their choice from the given list:
  • FMCG
  • Banking
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Automobile
  • Hospitality
  • Teams have to be ready with the presentation on the chosen topic prior to the event.
  • Sector presentation should include SWOT analysis of the sector and also cover following points:
  1. Industry size
  2. Growth rate
  3. Major Players
  4. Market Share
  5. Projected Growth rate
  6. Factors Contributing to Growth
  7. Back up industries
  8. Contribution to GDP
  9. Regulations
  • The presentation time will be of 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Teams must carry their presentations in a pen drive.
  • Judges decision will be final.

For more details contact:

Spandan Ukey 7208155965
Mauli Jain 9923831888

Webpage Designing

Rules of the event

Participation: 2 members, Registration amount: Rs 100

  • After Registration, teams will be given a topic before the event.
  • Decision of the judges will be final.
  • Participants have to explain their website contents to the judges.
  • Each team shall get 1.30 hours for webpage designing.
  • Computer system shall be provided to the teams. Teams shall not be allowed to use their personal laptops.
  • Website shall be made using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java or Python.

For more details contact:

Yash Ashtakar 7447537856
Harsh Yadav 7666799262
Sanskruti Wadibhasme 8999825164