Industrial visits form an important part of management students’ curriculum since they get an opportunity to experience the practical business field and environment. Keeping this in mind, Tirpude Institute organizesindustrial trips to relevant manufacturing and service organizations.Students’ regular visit to industries is an important pedagogical practice in Management studies. These visits are aimed at inculcating insights to put theoretical knowledge to practice.

The industrial visitsare planned in such a way that students get to visit all departments of the company/organization being visited. Their interactions with people holding various positions are also facilitated so that doubts/questions the students may have are answered.Thus, students are able togain knowledge on how these departments work and how they are integrated with each other. Students also get to study the management structure existing and also various facets like production process, HR policies and procedures, marketing strategies, financial aspects, use of technology, quality of work life, employee morale, etc.

The institute feels that the students need this type of industrial exposure so that they can be familiar with the policies, procedures and working environment in industries and can easily adapt themselves to the dynamic business world.Their outlook of future assignments in their professional lives,later, is likely to be influenced. This also impresses upon them the importance of being ‘job ready’.

Following are some industrial visits, which the institute arranged in September, 2016:

  1. Crystal Furnitures , Nagpur
  2. Parle G Biscuit Factory (Shivam Foods), Nagpur
  3. Plasto Industries, Nagpur
  4. Stewols India Ltd., Nagpur

Around 400 students of BBA, BCCA& MBAparticipated in this visit and were accompanied by faculty members of the institute. Students were shown around the various departments and huge infrastructure built by these companies so meticulously.

Students were quite impressed to learn these facts. The information, guidance and support provided by the industry personnel were of great help to the students to understand the entire process – from manufacturing to markets.