BBA/BCCA Induction

Fresh batches of BBA and BCCA students are inducted in the month of July and MBA students in August, at Tirpude Institute of Management Education, amidst enthusiasm and curiosity. In a meticulously planned programmethat goes to 3 – 5 days, these students are made familiar with the institute’s philosophy and the various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities it conducts throughout the academic year.

‘Freshers’, as they are called,are warmly welcomed at the college auditorium by their seniors amid music and dance with an intention to break ice and to make them comfortable. Short video clips are shown to familiarize the students with events and activities that are so unique to Tirpude Institute in terms of innovation, format and scale. Faculty members also brief the gathering on these events. Thereafter, student teams were formed in a creative way with seniors as mentors, so as to prepare for participation in various activities planned thereafter.

Students assemble in their allotted class rooms, on day-2, and Institute’s Dean and other senior faculty members conducted information oriented interactive sessions with new students. Several queries, that new students are likely to have, are answered. The students are informed to be a part of rigorous activity based learning, which the institute imparts with conviction.

The following day witnesses an atmosphere surcharged with enthusiasm, camaraderie and anticipation among the students being inducted. Course co-coordinator for BBA/BCCA addresses them to appraise them of rules laid down by the institute and the expected conduct of students. This includes class attendance, class activities, events, assignments and other activities aimed at their development. Team activities are conducted, wherein teams formed on the first day are required to perform certain tasks allotted. This includes the immensely popular ramp walk also, where students walk the ramp in teams based on theme they select.

MBA Induction

Last year this was conducted in a very unique manner. To begin with, 16 stalls, in the form of an expo, were set up in the college auditorium on the first day of induction. Each stall had one faculty member and a group of designated senior MBA students to manage the stall. Each new student visited each and every stall and faculty members present ensured this and also that whatever queries the new student had was answered. Each stall represented one activity of the college and senior students manning those stalls explained everything about that activity by way of a PPT and also handed over FAQs pertaining to that activity.

The objective of this TIME MBA Expo was to provide information to students about the Institute, its policies, enhancement programs, events and activities. All this information was communicated to the students through stalls specifically set up for this purpose.

The MBA induction programme also includes grooming session, interaction with seniors, several outbound / outdoor activities, alumni panel discussion, guest lectures and management games. Students enjoy the programme thoroughly and participate wholeheartedly in all activities. The ‘Induction’ culminates with distribution of prizes to winning teams, at the hands of senior faculty members, followed by a jam session with DJ and music.

Snaps of BBA/BCCA Induction

Snaps of MBA Induction