14th February, 2017

On 14th February when the world celebrates Valentine’s day with red roses, Rotary club of Nagpur celebrates it with 650 specially abled children, every year, under the name “Udaan”. This is a day long program, where these specially abled children from various schools for children with physical and mental difficulties, under Nagpur ZP, take part in sports and cultural events and competitions. Breakfast, Lunch, snacks etc. are provided along with return gifts. The programme is organized on a huge scale in association with Lata Mangeshkar Hospital and Zilla Parishad, Nagpur. Venue for the programme was St. Ursula Girls’ School’s sports ground.

The event was inaugurated by MLA, Mr. Ashish Deshmukh, in morning at 9.00 AM. Members of Rotaract club of Tirpude’s Management Students are eager to lend a helping hand during this mammoth event. They render help in various activities to the parent club members – serving breakfast, organizing sports competitions, cultural events and other related tasks and in ensuring that the entire event is conducted in a smooth manner. More importantly, the Rotaractors were able to establish friendly discussions with the special kids and understand their difficulties in facing life and thus empathise with them.

The event concluded in the evening at 5.30 PM. Rotaractors rendered their service in batches and there were 10 members of Tirpude’s Rotaract club who voluntarily and enthusiastically participated in this day-long event.


Distribution of winter wear and woollens was jointly undertaken by Tirpude’s Rotaractors and students of Tirpude’s Outreach Programme (TOP). This programme was organised on 3rd December, 2017, during which students donated winter clothes, woollens, to the pavement dwellers and handicapped on the streets of Nagpur city, so as to provide some relief to these citizens from the ongoing cold.

The Rotaractors had an amazing and overwhelming experience. Areas chosen were Yashwant Stadium and Seminary hills. All that mattered was happy faces and wide smiles on the faces of the pavement dwellers and handicapped on the streets.

Nirmaalya collection

25th September, 2016 

Imparting consciousness among society members toward protecting our environment is indeed a great service to society. Rotaractors of Tirpude’s Management Students proved their worthiness in this area when they took this responsibility upon themselves.

A team of eighteen young students volunteered to participate in a massive programme of Nirmaalya collection during Ganesh Visarjan on 15th Sept., 2016. This enthusiastic rotaractors worked in tandem with volunteers of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, under guidance of Rotary club of Nagpur members. This is a mammoth task and the students worked in batches of 2 to 3 hours each from afternoon till late evening.

The activities undertaken were: collecting Nirmaalya (floral offerings) before immersion of Lord Ganesha, handing over the collected Nirmaalya to NMC workers, encouraging people to immerse idols in artificial tanks created for this purpose and educating people on protecting water bodies from human pollution.

The students happily coordinated the above activities with NMC and the parent Rotary club members. Contribution of these environment conscious youngsters was appreciated by one and all.


19th October, 2016



A blood donation camp was held by Rotaract club of Tirpude Management Students, which was organized to celebrate the birth day of Shri Rajkumarji Tirpude, President, Yugantar Education Society. It was held in association with Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank. Blood donation is a noble act, since blood can only be made inside the human body.

The camp started at 11.00 AM and concluded at around 3.00 PM. Rotaract office bearers and members took efforts to mobilize students by promoting the event and encouraging students to donate blood. The advantages of donating blood and its social angle were stressed here. The total collection of blood was 54 units.

Parent Rotary club members, Rtn. Navneet Jain & Shalini Naidu, visited the venue to encourage and cheer the young donors. Music was played throughout in order to create a youthful and jovial atmosphere during this serious act of blood donation. The students enjoyed this environment.

A stereo head phone was presented as gift to every person donating blood by the blood dank, with a view to motivate and acknowledge their efforts. Chairperson Rtn. Navneet Jain, Sandeep Vaid and teacher in-charge Prof. Prashant Rajurkar took efforts and appreciated the service attitude and enthusiasm of students who donated blood during this camp. Faculty members Prof. Saranbir Uppal, Prof. Mahesh Joshi and Prof. Abhishek Shahu & Prof. Prashant Rajurkar also donated blood on the occasion. The camp was visited by senior faculty members Dr. lalit Khullar (Director), Dr. Sanjay Kavishwar (Dean) and Dr. Yogesh Gharpure. It was a huge success and was appreciated by one and all. Dr. Sheela Mundhada from the blood bank presented a memento to senior faculty on the occasion.