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Tirpude’s Reign of Youth (TROY) – TIME’s Alumni Association

Our alumni are a vital part in building the integrity of our institute. They have contributed enormously to the growth of the institute and we would look forward to a continued and stronger association with the alumni.


  1. To create an opportunity for alumni to stay connected with the college and encourage interaction that shall promote connection among alumni, students and faculty.
  2. To recognize the distinguished achievements and services of our alumni.
  3. To acquire assistance of the alumni in recruitment of our students.
  4. To have continued association with alumni through interaction, guest lectures and participation in various events organised by the institute.
  5. To encourage, promote and facilitate educational project work, research papers or other professional activity by the students of the institute and to initiate prizes and awards.
  6. To establish a single, secure database of all the alumni of the institute.
  7. To help alumni with their problems through involvement of other alumni and faculty of the institute.

The alumni can register themselves as TROY members and can send e-mails, maintain user profiles, share photographs with friends, post reunion and event messages and keep their contact information up-to-date. We encourage our alumni to pass this word to their batch mates in order to register themselves and keep in touch with their alma mater.

Contact Person: Prof. Sridevi Jaiswal (9890920623),

Alumni meet:

Alumni meet will be held on 14th August, every year, as per our tradition. All our alumni are cordially invited            to be a part of this gathering to cherish their days at Tirpude Institute and rejoice with their batch mates, ex-students from other batches, faculty members and rekindle old memories, meet long lost friends and share experiences and thoughts.

Alumni Meet Reports 2017 to 22