Hon’ble Late Shri Nashikrao Tirpude
Former Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra State,
Former President, Maharashtra Pradesh Indira Congress


Yugantar Education Society (YES) is the oldest voluntary service organization in Central India. It was founded in 1920, with a strong value base of making learning and knowledge available to all strata of society. The society was founded by Late Shri. Raosaheb Thaware, a noted social activist and Late Shri. Nasikrao alias Balasaheb Tirpude, Former Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Education society has under its aegis, primary and high schools, colleges, hostels for boys and girls, specialized departments for professional education like, Hotel Management and Catering Technology (HMCT), Social Work, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) BCCA (Bachelor in Commerce with Computer Application(BCCA), Physical Education, and Nursing. The society has held aloft its banner of being the best in the region in terms of quality of education imparted, excellence in infrastructure and efficacy in disbursal of knowledge. YES is spearheaded by its President, Shri Rajkumarji Tirpude, who has always led from the front, paving the paths to success. The reach of the society has spread far and wide, resulting in nearly 6000 students studying in its myriad programmes.

Vision Statement

We will be a unique educational institute with strong regional roots, being a nationally influential education centre imbibing moral and cultural values.


Mission Statements

M1: Our Mission is to create and disseminate knowledge that significantly influences and enriches student community.

M2: Our Mission is to serve the business community by constantly providing quality manpower, business leaders and collaborate with them through research and consultancy.

M3: Our Mission is also creating corporate citizens who are socially sensitive, environmentally conscious and who significantly contribute to nation building.

Our Core Values

ETHICS: Promote an ethical way of life for our students.

EQUALITY: Instill a sense of equality amongst our students.

COMMUNITY: Inculcate community service as part of their responsibility.

DIVERSITY: Imbibe the acceptance of diversity in their lives.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Develop entrepreneurs for the service of the society, both within and outside an organization.


Following Programmes to be maintained at the existing levels
BBA – 240 seats
BCCA – 120 seats
MBA – 180 seats

Vertical Expansion – Nil
Horizontal Expansion – Nil

Introduce Value Added courses in the areas of Communication, Performing Arts, Written Analysis, Basic Software & Networking and Event Management.

Exit Strategies:
Phased closure of PGDM Programme.

Quality Policy

We, at the Tirpude Institute of Management Education [TIME], are committed to give high value education to the students by giving them best and latest of industry knowledge and constantly updating our knowledge from time to time. This commitment is the foundation on which we will build confidence and generate overall development by anticipating and understanding their requirements and meeting them through agreed terms of Dedication, Devotion, Determination and Discipline in all our Pedagogy.

Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness


presidentDay by day, management education is becoming intensively multi-disciplinary by virtue of highly prioritized professionalism in India and across the world. To cater to the varied and dynamic needs of the society, a management school has to be excellent and varied in its curriculum, faculty and infrastructure. Tirpude Institute of Management Education [TIME], in its mission to excel in all spheres of management education has embarked on its journey to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
TIME is highly innovative in making its curriculum world class and delivers it in the most effective manner. It constantly screens and scans the changes in the business world and society at large and tries to be proactive to meet the challenges.
The faculty at Tirpude Institute of Management Education [TIME] is having industry exposure and thus keeps pace with the business world. Their deep involvement in research and consultancy enable them to imbibe values and serve the students and industry with great dedication.
I take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of excellence!

Shri Rajkumar Tirpude



Winston Churchill said, “ The power of the future is power of the mind”. We aim to take this adage further and arm ourselves and our students with the power of knowledge, a strong value base, requisite skills to take up the global challenges, and wisdom to build up character so as to create ethical work, thus generating management professionals.

Shri Ganesh Gourkhede

General Secretary


derectorTirpude Institute of Management Education (TIME) was established in 2004, since then it has been striving to impart high quality education and intensive, practical hands-on training to its students.
As an institute we have imbibed the qualities of stability, ability and a quest for excellence amongst all our students. Proof of that can be seen from the way our alumni have reached stations of extremely high importance in their chosen careers.
The students who join our institutes are achievers with a clear sense of purpose in their lives and our faculty revels in shaping their minds and careers. The positive work ethic of our faculty and more than willing support of the Governing Body of our education society ensure that the students carry these traits in their vocations.
We have also been striving to inculcate a strong sense of social responsibility in our students and are happy to note the strong sense of social responsibility that our alumni are carrying in their lives. At TIME we focus on the practice of management along-with the knowledge of management principles keeping in mind our vision and mission.
We welcome you to be a part of a management programme which becomes a movement on your joining the same.

Dr. Lalit Khullar



deanWe believe in the learning process that transforms students from mere management pupils and theorists to budding corporate leaders with commitment to their task, heightened perceptual ability, and willingness to work and excel with teams. As evidenced since inception, TIME has always been innovating newer pedagogies to impart high quality management education through its distinguished faculty members having rich industry experience and research oriented training approach.
Students at B-schools need to understand the significance of learning process and mould their attitude to grab every learning opportunity. In addition to academic enhancement, interpersonal and socio-behavioural development, networking with industry professionals, local entrepreneurs and alumni shall be considered as key factors for success.

Dr. Sanjay Kavishwar


  1. Governing Board / College Development Committee Members
Sr No. Name Category Designation
1 Shri. Rajkumar N Tirpude President, Yugantar Education Society Chairman
2 Smt. Vanita R Tirpude Working President, Yugantar Education Society Member
3 Shri. Ganesh Gourkhede Gen. Secretary, Yugantar Education Society Member
4 Dr. Sanjay Kavishwar Coordinator, IQAC Member
5 Dr. Praveen Mustoor Teachers’ Representative Member
6 Dr. Yogesh Gharpure Teachers’ Representative Member
7 Prof. Carol Rao Teachers’ Representative Member
8 Shri. Milind Khasale Non-Teaching Staff Representative Member
9 Shr. Nitin Thutheja Alumni Representative Member
10 Shri Chander Khosla Industry Representative Member
11 Shri. D. N. Gupta Industry Representative Member
12 Dr. K. S. Patil Representative from Social Services Member
13 Ms. Khushbu Anandani President, Students’ Council Member
14 Ms. Aparna Gavaikar Secretary, Students’ Council Member
15 Dr. Lalit Khullar Director Member Secretary

Frequency of meeting                                                       Half Yearly

Date of last meeting                                                          6th Oct 2017