Fresher’s party

Tirpude Institute has a tradition of welcoming it’s new batch of students, every year, with fanfare. ‘Freshers party’ is organized by the senior students under supervision of faculty members. The purpose of this is to make the new batch of students comfortable with the institute’s existing students and culture. Enabling them to adjust easily to co-existence is the primary motto, since these students will be participating in myriad activities of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular nature during the next 2 or 3 years.

Generally, outdoor location is selected as the venue and senior students plan all activities to be included in the fresher’s party. They include, under a chosen theme, fun games, interesting competitions, music, dance, interaction with seniors and also interaction with faculty members under informal settings.

Farewell Party

During their 2 or 3 years of tenure with the institute, students form a strong bond of friendship and cooperation with their batch mates, seniors, juniors, faculty members and also with non-teaching staff. A strong association is formed with the institute by now and moving ahead in life calls for an end of this bond. This is an emotional phase in the students’ lives and in order to make it memorable, the institute organizes a farewell party to commemorate this student-institute association.

Farewell party is also on the lines of fresher’s party, with outdoor locale as the venue. All activities designed for this party are fun-filled, include music, dance and are surcharged with bonhomie and camaraderie. The institute believes that this association is precious and as such needs to be preserved. Hence the students passing out of the institute are made members of its ‘Alumni Association’ –Tirpude’s Reign of Youth (TROY).