MBA Induction 2017

MBA Induction 2017 – Inauguration

 MBA Induction program was inaugurated by Dr. K. Venkatesham, Commissioner of Police, Nagpur District on 2nd August 2017

 Highlights of his Speech

“One has to be an Enlightened Citizen – be a giver over taker (Fundamental duties over rights)”
He said that “there are two things to aim in life, first to get what you want (success) and after that to enjoy it (happiness)”
“Conceive, Build and Act, this repeat approach is the one that the most successful entrepreneurs use in creating their companies”
“Think beyond yourself-learn from others, be humble, act with love”
“Be strict with your precious resource, TIME”






Anurag,Nekshad & Akshay (MBA Sem III)

Anurag Giri, Nekshad and Akshay Shiwinwar of MBA Sem III have won First Prize at “Investopedia” organized by Centre Point College, Nagpur on 16th Sept. 2017.

Manjula Chandwani and Himanshu Rakhade of MBA SemIII also participated in the event



MBA Sem III – Strategic Management Assignment No.1

This assignment is for all the students of MBA SemIII

Last Date of Submission: 28th October 2017

Q.1 Prepare a SWOT analysis for a company of your choice.

Q.2 Explain what doe you mean by Cows,Dogs, Stars and Question Marks in a BCG matrix. Make a BCG matrix for a company of your choice.

Q.3 Explain Michael Porter’s Five forces model with an example of a company or organization

Q.4 Explain how to conduct competitive analysis for a company. Refer the attachment for tips.

How to Conduct and Prepare a Competitive Analysis